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The Xiaomi band 6 was released in China April 1st. I wanted to buy one ASAP but it wasn’t available in Japan at that time anywhere. So what I did is went on AliExpress and ordered my self one on April 2nd.

Here’s the TLDR:

Name : Xiaomi band 6
Price : ¥ 4,836
Review : 5/5 — best value to money. Recommended.

Duration : 16 days
Delivery : 2/5. My package was damaged but the product inside was okay.
Buying experience on AliExpress : 4/5

Why Xiaomi band 6

After starting working remotely from home. I have started to think more about health…

Let’s learn how to send messages periodically to a WhatsApp contact with Lambda.

We would need an API for sending message to WhatsApp which will be provided by Twilio.

(We will be using a sandbox for this time, not a real number to send message, because a real number API is not provided at the time of opening account, one have to apply and wait for a while)

Then using that API, we will send message to WhatsApp with a few lines of code in Lambda.

This article will be divided in 2 main parts :

  • Twilio : Get tokens/API…

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1 What is Personal Knowledge Management?
1.2 Do you even need this new software for your note or PKM ?
2. Obsidian
3. Plugins


So there are a lot of tools we know and use for note taking. For example, Evernote, Google Keep, Apple Notes, OneNote etc.

You can use those tools for any writing purposes, no doubt about it.

But all of them are not created for long term personal knowledge management. So I am going to introduce a tool called Obsidian which is the best for this type of note taking. …

This article is written for beginners who want to understand how search algorithm works.

I am going to write about how Google’s search algorithm (PageRank) worked when it launched in 1998 without writing any codes or technical terms. So that it’s easier to understand.

This algorithm was so superior at that time that, although it launched four years after the first commercial search engine and already popular Lycos and AltaVista, it outperformed all of them in terms of search quality.

I am going to explain the Hyperlink Trick and the Authority Trick, and how google solved the problem with those…

Infinite Scroll + Vuetify.js + Nuxt.js

I have already written a detailed step by step article on how to implement Infinite Scroll with Nuxt.js. In there I had to use an component named Infinite-scroll to implement it.

But with a recent update it has become much easier to do this in Vuetify (v2.1+) without needing any extra components. Check the following steps, it’s super convenient with Vuetify.

1. Basic Setup

I have forked a project from this is a default brand new project in Nuxt.js with Vuetify latest version included.

Wait ! Before starting the main coding part, let’s delete the default code & create some markup with…

Because of better UX, you can see Infinite Scroll everywhere. Depending on the context it’s a wonderful solutions for adding new content to the page.

There are basically two ways you can implement the Infinite Scroll in your project.

  1. Vanilla JS
  2. Plug ins.

After searching for a while, there wasn’t any easy way to do it with pure JS code.

So I used a plug in called Vue-infinite-loading, it’s great to use and has nice animations.
Implementing wasn’t smooth for me, so I decided to write an article to save time for others.

Edit on 10/19: If you are using…

There are two ways to add Vuetify 2.0 in a existing Nuxt project.

  1. With Nuxt.js module (Recommended)
  2. With a plugin

I will explain both but the nuxt module is the recommended way as it’s maintained by the core group of Nuxt js. So the probability is higher that you would get reliable updates. And you should obviously if possible update to 2.0. And yes, Vuetify is way cooler now ;) .

The Nuxt module way

The official GitHub module page was hard for me to understand at first. So I hope this helps.

So considering you have a running Nuxt application. …

Sabbir Ahmed

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